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Form AOC-4: This Form Must Be Filed Within 180 Days At The End Of The Year. The OPC Must Attach Its Balance Sheet, Statement Of Profit And Loss, Director Report, And Auditor Report Along With The Form.

Form MGT-7A: This Form Needs To Be Filed Within 60 Days Of Entry Of Ordinary Resolution In Minute Book.

Form ADT-1: This Form Needs To Be Filed Within 15 Days Of The Meeting In Which The Auditor Is Appointed.

DIR-3-KYC Or DIR-3 KYC-WEB: This Form Needs To Be Filed By The Director Of OPC For The Said Financial Year On Or Before 30th September Of The Immediate Next Financial Year.

Income Tax Return: IT Returns Must Be Filed Annually.

Form MBP-1: This Form Is For Disclosure Of Concern Or Interest In Other Entities By The Directors Of OPC, And This Form Shall Be Presented At The First Meeting Of The Board Of Directors Every Year.

Form DIR-8: This Form Is To Inform The Company About Any Disqualification Incurred By The Director Before His Reappointment.

Form DPT-3: This Form Needs To Be Filed Every Year On Or Before 30th June In Respect Of Return Of Deposit And Particulars Not Considered Deposits As Of 31st March.

Form MSME-1: This Form Needs To Be Filed Half Yearly For The Pending Payments To MSME Vendors. For The Period Between April To September, The Form Is To Be Filed On Or Before 30th October. For The Period Between October To March, The Form Is To Be Filed On Or Before 30th April.

Board Meeting: OPC Needs To Conduct At Least 1 Board Meeting In Each Half Of The Calendar Year And 2 Board Meetings Yearly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1: Yes. We provide help with all the statutory compliances. Register with us, and we will let you know about all the services OPC provides by us.

Answer 2: The directors of OPC sign the annual return.

Answer 3: Efiling Cart charges nominal professional fees for filing, and government fees are excluded from it.

Answer 4: Our professionals will give complete detail of costs for statutory compliances of OPC.