Transfer of shares refers to the voluntary transfer of a business member’s rights and obligations to another person. The rights and obligations of the transfer of shares take place from a shareholder who chooses to no longer be a member of the company to a person who seeks to join. The Companies Act’s provisions cover the transfer and transmission of securities.


Articles of Association of the company govern the transfer of the share. The company’s members are its shareholders. The legal ownership of the shares that are transferred from one person to another change whenever there is a transaction involving the transfer of shares from one shareholder to another.

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Step 1: The transfer deed must first be obtained in the authorized form, i.e., Form SH-4, with the authorized authority’s endorsement.


Step 2: The transfer deed must be registered within the prescribed time limit.


Step 3: The stamp duty needs to be paid.


Step 4: The stamp duty must be paid before or when the transfer deed is signed. 


Step 4: The relevant share certificate must be attached and sent to the company. 


Efiling Cart has a group of professionals and experts having years of experience who help meet your statutory corporate requirements regarding the transfer of shares. Efiling Cart ensures that the adequate form required to be filed with the company for share transfer without delay, within the time limit as prescribed by the Companies Act. Our professionals advise and ensure that your needs are adhered to. We keep you updated with the latest amendments and ensure your entity does not incur any non-compliance or penalty for non-compliance. 


While transferring shares, shareholders may run into several difficulties. However, Efiling Cart works with our clients to simplify and ease this difficult process. We ensure clients do not have to go through tedious processes and procedures; we set up the necessary paperwork, follow up with the appropriate issuing bodies, and execute the task quickly and effectively. Efiling Cart also follows up with Registrars and the Company to finish the procedure.


Our experts ensure all the compliances concerning the transfer of shares are met within the stipulated time. Efiling Cart makes sure that the communication is hassle-free and smooth. Efiling Cart provides prompt, reasonably priced, and trustworthy services for the transfer of shares. 

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you will get

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Our professionals will give complete detail of costs for the transfer of the share. 



The transfer of shares is in the hands of the company and may take about 15 days for the transfer to be executed properly. 

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