A Society registration includes a group of individuals coming together to mutually govern and establish a community for a communal purpose. It can include various activities and promotion of social culture in general, namely literature, sports, religion, culture, awareness, and many other purposes. Society has a minimum of 7 members and is governed under state government rules. Society registration has become simpler, and registration of society offers several benefits. 

Society Registration is for the group of persons coming together for communal purpose

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Compliances Fewer

The main advantage of society registration is lower compliances. There is less compliance cost involved and a larger picture of benefits available to society. There are also fewer compliances regarding the purchase of an asset by society. 

Tax Exemption

A separate bank account is opened by society, and the accounts are audited accordingly. Tax is applicable to the profit of the society, and it is mandatory to file ITR, but several deductions are also available to society. A registered society gets ample benefits for availing tax exemption. 

Funding Easy

The Society Act of 1908 establishes minimal criteria for incorporated societies, which provides confidence to society members. Society can get funding from outside sources as well as its members. They can get easy funding to meet its objective and for promotion of its objective. 

liability Restricted

Members are obligated to pay if they acquire debts and responsibilities for the aim of acquiring money in the event of profit; otherwise, members cannot be held liable for any other obligations

Separate entity

Since society is a separate entity different from its members, a society can buy, sell, transfer, rent, and lease property in the name of society. It can sue and also be sued in its own name. 

Documents Required?


  • List of all members
  • Identity Proof of all members (PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving license)
  • Address Proof of all members (PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving license)
  • Registered office address proof – A utility bill (Gas, Electricity Bearing Address & Name Of The Owner Not Old Than Two Months)
  •  Memorandum of Association
  • Rules and regulations of the society
  • Covering letter mentioning objectives of the society

How It Works?

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Mail Required Docs and KYC

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Pay Part Payment

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you will get

  • Byelaws
  • Registration Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Dedicated Associate 

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Register with us, and we will let you know about the step-by-step procedure for the incorporation of your society. All forms are filed by Efiling Cart, and we guarantee to make your society’s incorporation process simpler and more relaxing. 

There must be at least 7 members required for incorporation of society. 

Individuals, foreigners, companies, partnership firms, and registered societies are all entitled to register as societies.

A society is a separate legal entity distant from its members. 


Efiling Cart charges nominal professional fees for filing, and government fees are excluded from it. 

Our professionals will give complete detail of costs for incorporation of society. 

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