The primary government agency responsible for developing and overseeing the laws, regulations, and policies governing small-scale enterprises in India is the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, or MSME for short.


Any business owner who has a valid Aadhaar number may submit an online MSME Registration application. There are many benefits of MSME registration that can be advantageous to the company,  


One of India’s significant contributions to GDP is the MSME sector, which includes a sizable number of small-scale industries. An effort supported by the government called MSME aims to promote the expansion of small-scale businesses that operate in both the organized and unorganized sectors. 


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TAX Exemption

An innovative start-up company with MSME registration can get an exemption from tax for 7 years. The only condition is that the turnover shall not be more than Rs 2.5Cr. The Income Tax Act allows you to take advantage of this benefit. According to this guideline, businesses with up to ten years of operation are considered start-ups. Additionally, it permits a 15-year credit carryover for minimal tax substitutes. 

Licenses Easy

Obtaining permits, registrations, and approvals for your microenterprise becomes considerably simpler once you have the MSME certificate. These applications will move more quickly if you can present your MSME certificate. Participating in international trade shows, exhibitions, and buyer-seller meetings earns you preferential treatment. 

Government TEnders

Several advantages are provided to MSME registered companies when it applies to a government contract through tender. Tender sets may be distributed without charge and are not required to pay earnest money. The security deposit is also waived upto a particular limit. 

Loan Collateral Free

The Indian government provides MSMEs across the nation with loans without collateral. This makes sure you have the resources needed to start your dream business, and you may even utilize it to grow your company. 


Efiling Cart help in filing MSME application form and executing a smooth registration process. Efiling Cart has a group of professionals and experts having years of experience who help meet your MSME application requirement. Efiling Cart ensures that the adequate form required to be filed with the company diligently and without any error. Our professionals advise and ensure that your needs are adhered to. 


Our experts ensure all the compliances concerning MSME registration are met within the stipulated time. Efiling Cart makes sure that the communication is hassle-free and smooth. Efiling Cart provides prompt, reasonably priced, and trustworthy services for the MSME registration. 

Documents Required?

  • PAN Card or Passport in case applicant is a foreigner
  • Aadhar card or driving license, voter id issued by election commission or any other document issued by government of india
  • not less than 2 months old bank statement or telephone bill


  • No Objection Certificate from the landlord to use the premises as a registered office (Name mentioned in the electricity bill or tax receipt or sale deed)
  • Proof of evidence of any utility services like gas, electricity bearing address & name of the owner not old than two months

How It Works?

Fill The Form

Fill the form with the required details and click on submit.

Explain the details over the call

 Our associate will you after you fill the form and assist you.

Mail Required Docs and KYC

 After discussion you have to mail required document.

Pay Part Payment

Pay the part payment and wait for the work completion.

you will get

  • MSME Registration Certificate
  • Dedicated Associate 

Secure Payment

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We are here to clear your doubts

The MSME Udyam registration is valid till the closure of the company. 

Depending on your information, MSME registration will either be approved or rejectedtent

Efiling Cart charges nominal professional fees for filing, and government fees are excluded from it. 

Our professionals will give complete detailed MSME registration. 

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