Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is said to be a mixture of 2 concepts, i.e., company and partnership. LLP required a minimum of 2 designated partners for functioning. LLPs are easier to set up and operate due to low compliance and better functionality. As a result, many entrepreneurs believe that starting an LLP form of business is favorable and simple. LLP is governed under LLP Act, 2008 and has the concept of a corporate entity as well as flexibility and transparency. The registration process is a simple and most popular form for professionals like Chartered Accountants, Accountants and Taxation professionals, medical practitioners, Company Secretaries, and many others. 

LLP has less compliances in comparison to a company have 

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laibility limited

the most fundamental advantage of an LLP, is that no limited capital is needed; therefore, the Partners’ liability is confined to their capital contributions. A Limited Liability Partnership can be simply founded with the least amount of cash. 

COST AND Compliances minimal

Compared to the cost of forming a company, the cost of forming an LLP is cheap. The compliance cost is minimal, and LLP must file two forms as part of its annual compliance. A statutory audit is applicable only if the contribution of partners and turnover crosses a particular statutory limit.  

market recognition

An LLP is distinct from its partners, just like a company, and the LLP is not the same as its partners. An LLP can sue and be sued in its own name. This enables the company to enter into contracts with other businesses, possess assets, and borrow money in the name of the LLP, which is not feasible with a standard partnership firm.


The LLP is exempt from paying taxes on the income and share of its partners. As a result, no dividend distribution tax is applicable. Bonuses, commissions, compensation, interest to partners, and any salary payment are all authorized as deductions. 



The LLP Act of 2008 allows all partners to determine how to manage and administer the LLP since it allows them to do so according to their preferences. The LLP’s partners can set their own regulations for how the organization operates.

Documents Required?


  • DSC of the designated partner
  • DIN of the designated partner
  • Identity Proof of designated partner (PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving license)
  • Address Proof of designated partner (PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving license)
  • Registered office address proof – A utility bill (Gas, Electricity Bearing Address & Name Of The Owner Not Old Than Two Months)
  • No Objection Certificate From The Landlord To Use The Premises As A Registered Office
  • Consent of the designated partner and subscriber list
  • LLP Agreement

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you will get

  • DIN For 2 Directors
  •  LLP Registration Certificate
  • LLP PAN Card
  • LLP GST No 
  •  LLP Agreement 
  • File having all docs filed for incorporation
  • Dedicated Associate 
  •  Bank Account No. Document Support

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Any two persons having valid required documents can firm an LLp.

Register with us, and we will inform you about the step-by-step procedure for incorporating your LLP. Efiling Cart files all forms, and we guarantee to make your LLP incorporation process simpler and more relaxing. 

There must be at least two designated partners for LLP incorporation, and the designated partner shall be a resident of India. 

Limited Liability Partnerships must file their Statement of Account and Solvency within thirty days (October 30) of the end of the first six months of the financial year in Form 8, and their Annual Return within sixty days (May 31) of the end of the financial year in Form 11.


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