GST - Goods And Service Tax REGISTRATION

The regular type of GST registration entails a legalized taxpayer being required to collect a specific tax from the consumer of goods and services. Any tax system must have registered as an essential prerequisite for identifying taxpayers and assuring economic tax compliance. This tax will then be transferred to the government once the amount of GST paid on the purchase price of the goods and services has been adjusted. 


Any business organization that registers under the GST Law must get a unique number from the relevant agencies to collect taxes on behalf of the government and claim input tax credits for the taxes paid on its inward supplies. Without registering for GST, a person cannot collect tax from his clients or receive any input tax credits for taxes he has already paid.


The instant payment of tax under the ordinary GST registration means that the buyer must pay the tax when purchasing the product(s), which must be collected from the customer during the transaction. It’s also crucial to remember that every person covered by the regular program is required to submit GST reports each month and to pay the tax that has been collected. 

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Registration Easy

The entire GST process is completed online and straightforward, from registration to filing returns. This has been advantageous for start-ups in particular because it saves them from going from one registration to the next for things like VAT, excise, and service tax. The GST has integrated the Indian market by bringing together several indirect taxes under a single guise

Business Regulated

Historically, many sectors of industries were largely uncontrolled and unregulated. There are provisions for online payments and compliances under GST. Thus, consideration of these sectors’ obligations and regulations is made. 

ITC Input Tax credit

Input tax credit helps the producers and service providers to lower the tax they have already paid on their goods by the amount of the output taxes once they have been paid. Manufacturers or service providers will likely reduce their overall tax burden, and lower pricing encourages increased consumption.


Transportation Cost low

The introduction of GST will result in fewer border inspections, drastically reducing travel time. Now that interstate shipping of commodities is more straightforward, transportation and logistics costs are decreasing. The need for business loans has significantly expanded with the implementation of GST, which has given start-ups and small enterprises more time to develop their operations and look into new prospects. 

market recognition

Market recognition will increase as you can do business with everyone, Registered persons  and Government avoid doing business with un registered Dealers because they can’t claim ITC.




Learning from the experience of other developed countries that implemented GST before us is crucial, and overcoming the first challenges to benefit from a single tax system and simple input credits. Efiling Cart ensures that your company maintains a high standard of service delivery while Efiling Cart assists you in meeting various regulatory obligations while also saving you money. Efiling Cart helps in executing a smooth GST registration process. 


Efiling Cart has a group of professionals and experts having years of experience who help meet your GST registration. Efiling Cart ensures that the adequate form must be filed with the registration authority diligently and without any error. Our professionals advise and ensure that your needs are adhered to. 


Our experts ensure all the compliances concerning GST registration are met within the stipulated time. Efiling Cart makes sure that the communication is hassle-free and smooth. Efiling Cart provides prompt, reasonably priced, and trustworthy services for GST registration. 


Documents Required?

  • PAN card 
  • Aadhar in case of Individual
  • Electricity Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Legal Ownership Document
  • Rent Agreement In case of Rented Property
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Aadhar Registered Mobile No.
  • Email Id

How It Works?

Fill The Form

Fill the form with the required details and click on submit.

Explain the details over the call

 Our associate will you after you fill the form and assist you.

Mail Required Docs and KYC

 After discussion you have to mail required document.

Pay Part Payment

Pay the part payment and wait for the work completion.

you will get

  • GST Registration Certificate 
  • Support
  • Dedicated Associate 
  •  Bank Account No. Document Support

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We are here to clear your doubts

GST registration number certificate takes upto a week after submission of the registration form. 

Efiling Cart charges nominal professional fees for filing, and government fees are excluded from it. 

Our professionals will give a complete detailed estimate of the fees of GST registration. 


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